TODDY® Cold Brew System (1.3L)

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The Toddy® Cold Brew System is a non-electric coffee maker that brews a smooth, rich, concentrated extract that can be served at the strength you prefer. Popular for making iced coffee as well as hot coffee that is low in acid and gentle on sensitive stomachs. It also can be used to brew tea.

It is a popular year-round retail item and can also be used commercially for small volume needs. It brews up to one pound of coffee per batch, to produce up to 48 ounces of fresh concentrate.

It is made in Loveland, Colorado by Toddy, LLC. and has been certified for food contact in accordance with US FDA and EU regulations.

What's Included:

Brewing container
Brewing container lid
Brewing handle
Glass decanter
Decanter lid
Toddy filters (2)
Silicone stopper
Paper filter bags (3)

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